Treatment price: £32.00

Your first appointment is approx. 1 hour long as a full assessment and free foot health check will take place. This first appointment involves recording your full medical history, an examination of your feet, including a vascular and neurological assessment, and discussion of any feet problems. The appropriate foot care treatment and advice will follow.
There will not be any extra charge for this first appointment as this is information that is required to treat you effectively.
Follow up appointments are approx. 30 – 40 minutes long and include further treatment and advice.
All creams, ointments and dressings used during the treatments are included in the price. There will be an additional charge if you require any supplementary padding or custom made devices, which will be discussed with you first.
At the end of all foot treatments you will receive a relaxing foot massage which not only improves your circulation but as many of Matthew’s patients say “makes your feet feel a million dollars!!”
All instruments used are sterile. Matthew is fully trained in the correct infection control procedures to ensure safe practice. To reduce the risk of infection he uses a disinfectant solution to clean your feet at the beginning and end of each treatment.
Whether using a chiropodist, podiatrist or foot health practitioner to provide your foot care needs, always ensure that they are properly registered and insured. Matthew is more than happy to show you his indemnity insurance and qualification certificates. If you wish to see these please request when booking your appointment.
Matthew’s treatments are provided in a friendly, relaxed manner and he will ensure that you are completely satisfied with your treatment before he leaves.


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